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Aug 2016
The New Rules of Facebook Marketing

A lot of marketers are still clinging to the good old days – roughly two years ago – when they could post a funny photo or inspirational quote on Facebook and see lots of traffic being driven to their websites. In 2016, of course, things are changing quickly. Not only are ads becoming a bigger […]

Aug 2016
The Mobile Future Infographic

Below is an infographic about the Mobile Future. Click here to see the original post. Mobile Website Design in Columbus Ohio Call Marcy Design, a Columbus Ohio website design company to help with your web, marketing and advertising campaigns.

Aug 2016
Why Google is Ignoring Keywords in Search Results

We should probably start this article with an admission: that headline is slightly misleading – Google does still care about keywords when determining search results. But for marketers who are clinging to the old model of “keyword-heavy content with lots of links,” it’s getting tougher and tougher to earn a top spot on the search […]

Jul 2016
3 Election Year Internet Marketing Lessons

Every week, more and more Americans are going to the polls to support their favorite candidates. But, while political writers will be thinking about elections and policy implications, we have been watching the whole thing through the lens of Internet marketing. Specifically, we’ve been wondering what kinds of lessons business owners and managers can draw […]

Jun 2016
Infographic: 69 Web Design Tips

Below is an infographic about Web Design Tips. Click here to see the original post.

Jun 2016
What Facebook Emojis Mean for Marketers

For years, Facebook’s core users have been asking for the one feature they can never seem to get: a “dislike” button. Maybe there is something about human nature that makes us not only want to share our approval, but voice our disapproval of certain posts and ideas, as well, in the social media world. But, […]

Apr 2016
Latest Social Media Statistics Infographic

Below is an infographic about Social Media statistics. Click here to see the original post.

Apr 2016
3 Great Ways to Use Social Media for Business

A lot of business owners want to put social media to use for their companies, but don’t know how. If you’ve found yourself confused about the best way to take advantage of social channels, here are three ways you can use your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to help the bottom line: #1: To Meet […]

Mar 2016
Internet Marketing, March Madness Style: 3 Ways to Upset a Bigger Competitor

If you’re like millions of other Americans, you’re captivated by March Madness. Numerous studies have shown that billions are lost in productivity (not to mention wagered) as we watch college teams from around the country square up against one another on the hardwood. One of the things that makes March madness so compelling is the […]

Mar 2016
8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid (Infographic)

See infographic below and click here for original article regarding social media.


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