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May 2021
7 Ways to Vaccinate Your Small Business Website Against the Covid-19 Economy: Number 1

7 Low-Cost, High-Impact Strategies for Growing Your Business in 2021 Feeling stressed about the future of your business? Wondering how you can keep up – or even get ahead – when so much seems uncertain? You’re not alone. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we’ve been talking with clients, prospects, and business owners. Many have discovered […]

Sep 2020
Marcy Design Wins It’s Sixth International Award in 2020

COLUMBUS, OH, UNITED STATES, SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 — The Marcy Design Group, Inc., won two 2020 Awards from the Summit International Awards. SIA is an international competition for creative professionals. The other awards this year were from Hermes Creative Awards and Communicator Awards. Awards for Design included in the Websites – Non-profit Website category. The […]

Aug 2020
Marcy Design Develops Wall Display for Strait & Lamp Office

Marcy Design designed and developed a wall display for the office of Strait & Lamp. Historical photos and dimensional panels really set off their office and presents a professional image for their employees. Steve Arnold, President stated:”The Strait and Lamp Group is elated, on how Marcy Design group brought our history wall to life. They […]

Jul 2020
7 Steps to a Working SEO Campaign: #3 Test Your Ideas With Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The majority of all online marketers prefer organic search engine optimization to paid search ads. That makes good business sense, given that pay-per-click advertising (PPC) means forking over money for every visit to your website, while organic SEO isn’t so transactional. Still, there can be big value in running ads, particularly towards the beginning of […]

Jul 2020
Marcy Design Wins 2 International Web Design Awards From Communicator Awards

COLUMBUS, OH, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2020 — The Marcy Design Group, Inc., won two 2020 Awards from the from the Communicator Awards. The Communicator Awards is an international competition for creative professionals. Awards for Design included in the Websites – General-Associations for Websites Overall category. The first was a Award Distinction the Ohio Chamber […]

Jun 2020
Using Your Association Website for Recruitment and Retention

People are the lifeblood of any association. It’s not just your members who keep your organization running, though – staff and volunteers have a huge role to play. With the right people on board you can organize projects, events, and initiatives. Without them it’s nearly impossible to reach any of your goals. One thing potential […]

May 2020
Why This Might Be the Perfect Time to Redesign Your Association Website

As the business landscape has changed over the last few weeks, the associations we work with have responded by being proactive in looking for new information and solutions. Naturally, we always think it’s smarter to be ahead of the curve than falling behind. That’s why, after consulting with several of the industry groups we work […]

Mar 2020
Marcy Design – Developing Ecommerce Websites for Your Business

All websites should sell, that’s a given. But websites that can actually make cold hard cash for you while you’re sleeping are a different breed, one that get us very excited. We specialize in developing high performing eCommerce websites for a wide range of different industries. Marcy Design releases new TV commercial to promote business […]

Mar 2020
7 Steps to a Working SEO Campaign #2

#2 Use Smart Keyword Research Another way to “look before you leap” with search engine optimization is to undergo smart keyword research. It doesn’t make much sense to start tinkering with your website and developing new content if you aren’t sure which terms and phrases you should be ranking for. In the most basic sense, […]

Feb 2020
Mentor, Hero, My Brother

The world lost a wonderful person last month. And I lost a mentor, a hero, and a brother, Daniel Krivicich, Jr. The dictionary describes a mentor as “an experienced and trusted adviser.” That seems a bit cold to me. A mentor is really a teacher or a guide, who has your best interest at heart. […]


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