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Feb 2022
Should Your Business Release an NFT?

If you follow the news you have undoubtedly heard about NFTs. Short for Non-Fungible Tokens, these are digital files (usually images) that can be encrypted to trace provenance and ownership. You could think of them as the digital version of original paintings. NFTs are hot lately for a couple of reasons. First, they represent an […]

Sep 2021
7 Ways to Vaccinate Your Small Business Website Against the Covid-19 Economy: Number 3

#3 Create Custom Pages and Campaigns As a Columbus Ohio website design company, Marcy Design knows that we’re in a difficult period of time. Even if your business isn’t that affected by the current health crisis, it’s likely your customers have been. With that in mind, it makes sense to create special offers and promotions […]

Jun 2020
Using Your Association Website for Recruitment and Retention

People are the lifeblood of any association. It’s not just your members who keep your organization running, though – staff and volunteers have a huge role to play. With the right people on board you can organize projects, events, and initiatives. Without them it’s nearly impossible to reach any of your goals. One thing potential […]

Dec 2019
Are You Ready for the (Near) Future of SEO? Part 1 of 3

Web designers and marketers at every level are constantly trying to decipher large pieces of (often contradictory) data to figure out what the future of search engine optimization holds. They pore over Google’s press releases, study algorithm updates, and take deep dives into their web analytics to see if they can determine what the next […]

Nov 2019
Your 3-Step Customer Acquisition Plan: Step 3

Step #3: Generating Conversions from Your Website We began this short guide by pointing out that your website only has real bottom-line value for your business if it can help you generate sales opportunities. Those conversions—whether they come in the form of completed credit card purchases or new inquiries and appointments—are the lifeblood of your […]

Oct 2019
Your 3-Step Customer Acquisition Plan: Step 2

Step #2: Attracting Buyers to Your Website Every business, no matter what size it is, where it’s located, or what has to offer, needs shoppers before it can have buyers. Unless you have people who are looking at your products or services, you aren’t going to sell to any of them, regardless of what you […]

Oct 2018
How Should Businesses Set Marketing Budgets?

Many of the businesses who come to us admit they have a common problem: they aren’t sure how to set marketing budgets that work. They want to set aside enough money to keep sales coming in, but don’t want to go so far that it cuts into their profits. Finding the right balance can be […]

May 2017
Marcy Design Releases New TV Commercial – Wake Up Your Website

Wake Up Your Website! Marcy Design, a Columbus, Ohio web design company, released a new TV commercial that will run this month. First, the commercial highlights the web development services of Marcy Design by showing examples of our award-winning work. Next, Marcy Design used a nationally-known narrator to tell the story. Finally, Marcy Design created the […]

Sep 2016
Marcy Design Releases Free eBook About Online Customer Acquisition Planning

YOUR 3-STEP ONLINE CUSTOMER ACQUISITION PLAN – FREE eBOOK At Marcy Design, we are a results-driven creative agency located in Columbus, Ohio. We have vast online experience and have won over 220 awards, created over 1,000 websites and developed over 11,000 marketing projects. And now, we are making available a valuable eBook resource titled ‘Your 3-Step Online […]

Aug 2016
Why Pinterest Matters to Marketing Infographic

Below is an infographic about Why Pinterest Matters to Marketing. Click here to see the original post. Social Media in Columbus Ohio Call Marcy Design, a Columbus Ohio website design company to help with your web, marketing and advertising campaigns.


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