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Oct 2023
Why Are Responsive Websites a Big Deal?

Why Are Responsive Websites a Big DealAre Responsive Websites

In an earlier post, we explained the concept of responsive business websites, And how they allow your company’s pages to adapt themselves to smartphones and other kinds of mobile web devices. But, does that make them worth the effort and investment?

We certainly think so. Responsive websites are a big deal because of two big benefits they bring to your company:

First, they give you automatic mobile compatibility for your business website. In the past, businesses have had two choices when it comes to mobile computing: to either build a mobile-only version of a website, or to simply accept that they are going to lose much of that traffic to their competitors. With responsive websites, they can have mobile compatibility without investing in a second website.

And second, they do it while allowing you to maintain a single web presence. It isn’t just paying for a second website that business owners and executives hate; there is also the matter of keeping it updated, posting new content, and ensuring its continued security and development. With just one website to worry about, there are fewer details (and expenses) to stay on top of.

Put together, responsive business websites give you an almost unbeatable combination of value and convenience. Isn’t it time you talked to the team at Marcy Design about responsive websites today?

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