Sep 2013
Two Marketing Advantages Startups Have Over Other Businesses

Two Marketing Advantages Startups Have Over Other BusinessesUsually, when people talk about marketing for startup companies and brand-new businesses, they are referring to the challenges of generating something out of nothing, and of educating the buying public about what’s really for sale. As we discussed on our blog recently, these challenges are certainly real, and can be significant. At the same time, however, they overlook two important marketing advantages that startups have over other businesses:

First, that startups don’t have any existing customer impressions to overcome. For some businesses, the failed marketing efforts of the past (or other factors, like poor customer service) have made it difficult for customers to trust them. These impressions can be damaging in a way that even the best marketing campaigns can’t fix.

And second, startups usually face fewer marketing distractions. Generally speaking, new businesses need sales fast. They don’t have the luxury of worrying too much about different messages, logos, and channels. Sometimes, this simplified approach can lead to the biggest (and fastest) marketing results.

Of course, putting together a marketing plan for a brand-new company isn’t an easy task, and there isn’t a lot of margin for error. Still, if you approach things the right way, you can make the most of the opportunity and enjoy a couple of benefits that established companies can’t.

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