Sep 2013
How Far Out Should a Startup Marketing Plan Go?

How Far Out Should a Startup Marketing Plan GoOften, when you’re launching a brand-new company, decision-making can start to feel minute-to-minute. That is, there are so many issues and distractions coming at you at all times that it’s hard to think too far into the future.

When it comes to marketing, however, a longer time horizon is usually helpful. So, how far ahead should you plan with your startup marketing plan?

A good rule of thumb for most businesses might be one year. That’s enough time to try some ideas, generate some sales, and see how things are going without making the mistake of committing too many future resources to something that may or may not turn out to be as profitable as you want it to be.

Note, though, that there are some elements of your marketing plan (and especially your logo and business website) that you should plan on using for a lot longer. That one-year time frame doesn’t mean you’re going to throw everything out, just that after 12 months you might want to examine the results you’ve gotten so far, reassess where you’re at, and adjust your approach for the future.

Every business is different, and a 12-month guideline might not apply perfectly to your company. So, for customized advice on marketing for startups, why not make an appointment with a member of the Marcy Design team today to talk things through?

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