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NFT Marketing Solutions is a New Business Opportunity

You have probably heard about NFTs (or Non-Fungible Tokens), which blend together art and cryptocurrency technologies in interesting ways. But have you considered how you might be able to use them to advance your brand, increase revenue, and grow your business? Marcy Design provides NFT marketing solutions.

Firstly more and more business owners are asking these questions every day. That’s why we have developed a set of simple and affordable packages to help you get in on the game. Before we get into the details, though, we should start with a simple question that might be on your mind.

What Exactly Is an NFT?

In simplified terms, an NFT is a digital asset (usually a kind of image) that is owned by one person or entity. It can’t be copied or distributed like other online images, and the owner controls the rights to its use and distribution.

Next if that sounds abstract, consider it this way: an NFT is like a digital version of a painting. You might let other people take photos of a painting you own, but you still have the original. And of course, the actual creation is worth a great deal more than any prints. Especially if you can prove it’s authentic. That’s where the blockchain aspect of NFTs becomes significant. They use bank-level encryption to maintain security and prove ownership.

Where are NFTs Being Used?

As an industry and interest, the world of NFTs has been exploding. Not only are tech-focused investors actively trading NFTs, but so are young people and collectors. Although the idea originally appealed to programmers and artists, well-known brands are now getting in on the act.

How We Help You Launch Your Own NFT

Our NFT marketing solutions services help entrepreneurs and business owners handle the parts of the process they tend to struggle with on their own. That includes:

  • Developing an NFT Strategy
  • Helping Create and Mint Digital Assets
  • Making the Finished NFTs Tradeable

Let’s look briefly at each step in the process.

Developing Your NFT Marketing Solutions Strategy

You could produce an NFT just for the sake of trying it, but where would the value be in that exercise? The best marketers have a bigger strategy in mind, one that will help them attract more customers or create more sales.

Then our team of designers, programmers, and business growth experts can help you integrate NFTs into your overall business goals. Whether you want to find more fans, attract media attention, or generate revenue from NFT sales, we can help you find the best path forward.

Creating and Minting Digital Assets for Your NFT

All in all there are really two aspects to creating the perfect NFT marketing solutions: getting the art right and making sure the files are packaged and secured properly (i.e., minting your NFT).

Without the right art no one will take notice of your release. And if you don’t handle the programming side correctly you don’t have an asset that can be sold or traded. Luckily, we can help you with both steps, ensuring you have a finished NFT that is beautiful and functional.

Getting Your NFTs to the Market

Obviously even after they’ve been created and coded, NFTs need to be offered through special crypto-focused marketplaces (like Ethereum). Most business owners aren’t familiar with these portals, or the currencies and policies involved.

Finally we won’t let a lack of familiarity hold you back. Using our experience with NFT marketing solutions, we’ll show you how the crypto marketplace works and help you navigate your release. Then, you won’t just have a new business asset to offer. You’ll also have some new skills you can take with you going forward.

Marcy Design NFT Studios

Want to Know More About NFT Marketing Solutions and How They Might Fit Into Your Digital Marketing Plan?

At Marcy Design we aren’t just committed to learning about new ideas. We want to help our clients put them to use in ways that work. That means making the most of NFT marketing solutions alongside other practices like search engine optimization and social media to help your business grow. Check out our cool Mushroom Punks NFTs collection!

If you’d like to know more, then contact our creative team today to schedule a free consultation. You might be amazed at how easy it is to get the guidance you need to make this your best year ever!

NFT Marketing Talent

All in all we have a talented and experienced team who can provide NFT services that your company needs, including:

  • Exploratory NFT development takes a bit of up front pre-planning. We pride ourselves in reviewing all aspects of the project features and platform. And providing your company a solid roadmap.
  • Design Great NFT design is fueled by a fresh perspective that will allow your organization to develop new, one-of-a-kind digital artwork.
  • Production Rigorous production standards are essential for NFT development. We help organizations bring their freshly minted NFTs to life on the blockchain.
  • Programming If creativity is the fuel then programming is the engine that makes it all work. Our expert programming skills will develop the key features to connect your NFTs to the blockchain world.
  • Implementation Every NFT needs somewhere to “live”. After we’ve built your shiny, new digital artwork, we can also offer it an affordable, cozy home where it’ll be safe and well looked after so that potential users can buy, sell and trade NFT digital assets.
  • Promotion If you want to succeed in NFT world, it’s important to have clearly defined goals and objectives when marketing to the target audience. 

Find out now how your company can explore the digital NFT world!

Finally if you want to know more about NFT marketing solutions, contact Marcy Design today to schedule a free consultation at: (614) 224-6226.

nft marketing solutions


  Create original NFT digital collections

  Develop NFT website and social media promotion

  Launch NFT assets on OpenSea marketplace

  Monitor NFT collection data


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