Sep 2013
Can You Use a Press Release to Get More Attention For Your New Company?

Can You Use a Press Release to Get More Attention For Your New CompanyPress releases, which were once considered the gold standard of marketing and PR tools, are often overlooked these days. That’s a shame, because a well-written and well-timed press release can be great for creating interest in sales opportunities, especially for startups.

Here are a few great things about press releases that you can use to promote your brand-new business:

They’re easy to put together. Most press releases are just a page or two, and include a few important quotes or details.

Press releases are incredibly affordable. For just a few hundred dollars, you can have a press release written and distributed to both Internet and print media sources automatically.

They have a very wide reach. Services like PRWeb will distribute your press release to webmasters, print editors, and local business publications in moments.

You can include searchable keywords in your press releases. If you include important search terms, press releases can become a big part of your ongoing search engine optimization plan.

They help people learn about you and spread news about your company. If your press release is interesting enough, it can prompt others to read more about your company, follow up, or even request interviews that could turn into bigger opportunities for publicity.

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