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Aug 2023
The Two Sides of Startup Marketing Metrics

The Two Sides of Startup Marketing MetricsAs a rule, the metrics you get from your business website, or from your marketing campaigns in general, are extraordinarily important to your company’s long-term success. For startups, however, there are two sides of the coin that have to be considered:

First, that metrics are even more important for brand-new companies. After all, most entrepreneurs don’t have a big margin for error – they really need to make the most out of every minute and dollar spent on marketing and attracting new customers. With that in mind, it’s natural that they want to pay close attention to the hard numbers and see if they can deduce any trends early on.

On the other hand, though, new businesses are usually working with a small sample size. In other words, if you only have a few dozen visits to your website, that might not be enough information to see how people are responding to different pages and offers. The same goes for short periods of time, or small-budget projects.

So, how do you balance these two concerns against one another? The best way is usually to have an established marketing partner on your side – one that has worked with enough startups to help you set off in the right direction, position your company for success, and help you tell the difference between real trends and irrelevant numbers.

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