Sep 2013
Can a Startup Business Invest Too Much Into Marketing?

Can a Startup Business Invest Too Much Into MarketingGiven that we devote so much of our time and energy into thinking about the best ways for startup companies to generate leads and sales from marketing, you might think that we feel marketing is the most important part of a new business. That’s partially true – it certainly will be a huge factor in your success – but the reality is that new companies can actually devote too big a portion of their resources to marketing activities.

How can that be? The answer lies in priorities. Just as there are some business leaders who think that marketing should be an afterthought (it shouldn’t), there are also those who think that you can sell just about anything if you package it correctly.

We don’t really think that’s ever been true, but it’s especially not these days, where Internet forums, reviews, and feedback are everywhere. If you sell something that people don’t like, you can bet others are going to find out about it quickly and new opportunities are going to dry up, no matter how good your marketing is.

So, while you definitely want to pay a lot of attention to your marketing plan, be sure to devote a little time to product development, customer service, and other vital parts of your company. Marketing might be important, but providing real value is always an important competitive advantage.

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