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Jun 2015
Where Should You Start With Internet Marketing?

There are still hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of successful businesses out there that do little or no Internet marketing. Some have established brands and customer lists, while others benefit from a strong retail location or good regional distribution. Whatever the cause or reason, they just haven’t had a need or desire […]

Jun 2015
Digital Marketing – Infographic

What is Digital Marketing? Below is an infographic that graphically presents several great ideas. The infographic source can be found here.

Jun 2015
What Color is Your Company?

What color is your company? Below is a great infographic that shows the color of some top brands. The infographic source can be found here.

Jun 2015
The Rolling Stones – The Greatest Brand in Rock and Roll

                  I just witnessed a great brand perform in front of 60,000 fans at the Ohio State University football stadium as a part of their Zip Code tour. That’s right, I said “brand” instead of “band”. The Rolling Stones are without a doubt the greatest rock and roll […]

May 2015
10 Types of Visual Content Infographic

What are the best visual graphics to promote your business? Below is a great infographic that outlines a top-10 list. The infographic was produced by Mary Stribley at: https://designschool.canva.com/blog/visual-content/?hvid=3mzIO2.

May 2015
Social Media Active Users Infographic

Here is an infographic showing the total number of social media active users for 2014. And the numbers are staggering. If you have a business, then you need to include social media in your marketing plan. This infographic was produced by The Social Media hat Website at: http://www.thesocialmediahat.com/active-users.

May 2015
Email Marketing vs. Social Media

See the infographic below created by Emaildelivered, and find out whether email marketing or social media is more effective.

May 2015
Dynamic Content Infogarphic

Your business website should include Dynamic Content in order to attract customers. See the infographic below found on rachelwrightcreative.com that helps explain what dynamic content is.

Nov 2014
Marcy Design Wins Record 5 Awards from MarCom International

Marcy Design, a professional web, marketing and advertising company located in Columbus, Ohio, won a record 5 International awards from MarCom. MarCom Awards is an international competition for marketing and communication professionals. Entries come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies and PR firms. Marcy Design won two Gold Awards, a prestigious award given […]

Sep 2014
Marcy Design Creates New Website for Bishop Hartley High School

Marcy Design designed and produced a new website for Bishop Hartley High School located in Columbus, Ohio. A host of new features provide members of the Hartley family with the information they need to know. And enhanced homepage and information alerts contribute to an overall improved user experience. The new website located at www.bishop-hartley.org will […]


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