Aug 2013
Why Smart Marketers Always Plan Ahead

Why Smart Marketers Always Plan AheadAs hard as it might be to remember now, there was a time when Google was nothing more than a vague idea on a research paper. Going farther back, you could look to the time when Coca-Cola was a small company, or when railroads – or even horses – were the main tool of transportation for industrial strength.

Why are we bringing you this bit of nostalgia? To remind every business owner and executive out there that everything changes with time. We all recognize that on a certain level, of course, but it’s important to keep the right perspective in mind when making long-term Internet marketing plans.

Every part of your business will probably have to change at some point for you to remain profitable. Customers will come and go, competitive advantages that seem enormous now will be reduced and even gone later, and the tools you count on most to attract new customers will be replaced by others.

That isn’t cause for panic, but a sign that you should always keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground, so to speak. Never get so attached to any one idea or concept that you can’t see what’s coming around the corner.

On the Internet, things change faster than ever, and smart marketers plan versatility into everything they do. Remember that, and you’ll have an easier time adjusting to whatever the marketing world throws at you.

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