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Jul 2023
How to Know You Have a Great Idea for a Mobile App

Great Idea for a Mobile App As profitable as mobile app development can be, it’s a sad fact that most apps have failed before they’re ever launched. Why? Because the inventors or developers failed to realize that the idea they had wasn’t innovative or marketable enough. Great idea for a mobile app. We want to […]

Jul 2023
The Two Best Ways to Profit From Mobile Apps

Profit From Mobile Apps Not only are mobile web devices changing the way we think about Internet marketing, but app development is big business, too. Even for companies that don’t usually profit from “high tech” kinds of projects. You can profit from mobile apps That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. After all, most […]

Jul 2023
One Thing That Hasn't Changed About Business Web Design

About Business Web Design Recently, we put up a post that outlined a few of the ways that business web design has changed in recent years. There is one thing that has been incredibly consistent, though. When it’s about business web design, visuals and first impressions are incredibly important. No matter what your site does, […]

Jul 2023
Why Web Design is Different Than it Was a Few Years Ago

Web Design is Different Web design is different, as something that has both artistic and technical elements, is always changing. Not only do tastes and preferences tend to evolve over time. But new tools, programming styles, and CMS platforms open up new possibilities for businesses. So, if you haven’t gotten a new business website in […]

Jul 2023
Should You Have Multiple Social Media Identities?

A lot of business people, and especially those who are self-employed, keep multiple social media identities – one for their personal lives, and one for their business or practice. In theory, that can be a great idea. For one thing, it can stop personal messages (or even embarrassing photos and stories) from affecting your business. […]

Jul 2023
The Best and Worst Things About Outsourcing Social Media

Outsourcing Social Media Earlier this month, we ran a post about managing your time while using social media marketing. But, what if you don’t have the time to deal with it at all? Try outsourcing social media campaigns. That isn’t an unusual situation. For a lot of the business leaders we meet with, social networking […]

Jul 2023
Spending Your Social Media Marketing Time Effectively

Your Social Media Marketing In business circles, opinions about social media marketing range from “a wonderful tool for making new contacts” to “a giant time-suck that produces mixed results.” That’s not really in unusual dynamic, especially when we are talking about different forms of Internet marketing. What is different about your social media marketing, though, […]

Jul 2023
Will Hashtags Make Facebook More Valuable?

Facebook More Valuable Facebook recently announced that they’ll allow their status updates to include hashtags, making them similar to tweets. But while this is an idea that social media users have been requesting for some time, will it actually make the site more valuable for marketers? There is the possibility that it could, if only […]

Jun 2023
3 Ways to Turn Social Media Contacts Into Customers

Social Media Contacts As social media contacts sites keep growing and adding more subscribers. Marketers at every level are looking for new ways to turn contacts, fans, and followers into customers. Although there still aren’t any foolproof methods you can always count on. Here are three dependable strategies you can probably use to turn your […]

Jun 2023
How to Evaluate a New Advertising Opportunity

New Advertising From time to time, you’ll probably be approached by someone about a new advertising medium or opportunity. Sometimes, deciding whether to commit new dollars – or take some of your existing ad budget away from another project – isn’t always easy. Here are four things you can look at to help you make […]


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