Aug 2013
The #1 Internet Marketing Challenge (and the Simple Answer)

The 1 Internet Marketing ChallengeThe toughest part of online marketing – and probably any marketing, if you think about it – is that you can usually separate what works and what doesn’t, but finding the why isn’t easy. In other words, people don’t stop to tell you why they’ve clicked away from your website, unsubscribed from your newsletter, or decided to take their business elsewhere. They just do it, without any explanation.

For marketers, that can create a conundrum. How do you get any better, and improve your campaigns, when you can’t be sure what’s wrong in the first place?

There are two good answers we can recommend:

1. Learn what you can. By studying your successful campaigns, and watching buyer behavior through analytics on your website, you can sometimes draw firm conclusions. Even though people might not tell you why they don’t buy, their actions often fill in the gaps.

2. Keep testing new ideas, messages, and techniques. Although you can’t always specifically identify what doesn’t work, you can keep trying new things until you hit a winning strategy. In the absence of better information, that’s sometimes the best way forward.

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