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Aug 2023
The Downside to Updating Your Own Website

Updating Your Own Website

Until very recently, updating your own business website meant one of two things: either learning complicated HTML code, or making a call to your design team. Both approaches had expenses (of time or money) that made frequent changes and updates tough on the bottom line, and as a result, lots of sites were hardly ever up to date.

In 2013, however, most sites are built with a content management system (CMS) that allows for changes and updates without losing the look and feel of your site. What’s more, the easy interfaces mean that just about anyone with the right password can make changes to your site, with no design or coding skills required.

Improve Your Business

For that reason, we always encourage our clients to look through their sites on a very frequent basis, to ensure that there aren’t any mistakes, missing pages, or other small errors that could cost them sales and credibility. But, we also caution them to remember that making changes to your own site can be dangerous: For one thing, putting together an effective website can be tough if you aren’t a professional designer or copywriter, so you should think carefully before making major additions or subtractions. And at the same time, the more often you look at your site, the easier it is to develop “blind spots” that make it hard for you to see things like typos or visuals that don’t fit.

The ability to change your own site can save you a lot of time and money, but make sure to get an outside perspective once in a while to be sure you’re getting the most from your pages and content.

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