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Sep 2023
Can You Appeal to Customers as an Underdog?

Appeal to Customers

Most of our clients, if you were to boil their motivations down into something simple, just want to be the leaders in their markets or industries. They want to be the ones with the biggest clients, the biggest profits, and the most exciting sales or projects. Appeal to Customers

But, what if you aren’t in that position, or anywhere close to it? In fact, what if there are lots of other companies that have a lot more name and brand recognition?

Improve Your Business

In that case, your best strategy might be to market yourself as an underdog – a business that’s working its way up from the bottom. The big advantage here, besides the fact that it’s honest, is that people like to root for a small company that’s working harder with fewer resources. We like discovering things that others don’t know about, and then watching them grow.

Usually, underdog companies market themselves in a more personal and interesting way. The only challenge is, once your underdog strategy starts to pay off, you eventually have to decide whether you still want to be (or can sell yourself as) an underdog when you’re a bigger fish in the pond. Appeal to Customers

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