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Sep 2023
Four Important Ingredients for Any Branding Effort

Branding Effort The longer you own or manage any kind of business, the more you start to appreciate the value of a strong branding effort. After all, building the right image makes it easier for you to attract the right kinds of customers, and makes all of your sales and marketing more efficient. With that […]

Sep 2023
5 Ways to Make Branding More Effective

Make Branding More Effective In our last post, we looked at some of the most important ingredients of a successful branding effort. Key pieces that business owners, managers, and executives sometimes overlook. To keep that line of thought going, here are five ways to make branding more effective: 1. Have a plan. In other words, […]

Sep 2023
Why The Sales Team Is So Important For Startup Marketing

Sales Team As much as they might hate to admit it, nearly any successful entrepreneur you ever meet will tell you that they began their business with some faulty assumptions. That’s not to point fingers, it’s just a reality of the market – none of us have perfect information, and a lot of the things […]

Sep 2023
One Catch-22 in Startup Marketing

Startup Marketing Because most of us would like to have an endless supply of customers, but are dealing with very limited budgets and resources, there are always compromises and difficult situations that we have to navigate through. That’s especially true for the owners and executives of startup companies, who might be working on especially tight […]

Sep 2023
How Far Out Should a Startup Marketing Plan Go?

Startup Marketing Plan Often, when you’re launching a brand-new company, decision-making can start to feel minute-to-minute. That is, there are so many issues and distractions coming at you at all times that it’s hard to think too far into the future. Think about a startup marketing plan. When it comes to marketing, however, a longer […]

Sep 2023
Can a Startup Business Invest Too Much Into Marketing?

Startup Business Invest Given that we devote so much of our time and energy into thinking about the best ways for startup companies to generate leads and sales from marketing. You might think that we feel marketing is the most important part of a new business. That’s partially true – it certainly will be a […]

Sep 2023
Two Marketing Advantages Startups Have Over Other Businesses

Marketing Advantages Usually, when people talk about marketing for startup companies and brand-new businesses. They are referring to the challenges of generating something out of nothing. And of educating the buying public about what’s really for sale. As we discussed on our blog recently. These challenges are certainly real, and can be significant. At the […]

Sep 2023
Can You Use a Press Release to Get More Attention For Your New Company?

Press Release Press releases, which were once considered the gold standard of marketing and PR tools, are often overlooked these days. That’s a shame, because a well-written and well-timed information can be great for creating interest in sales opportunities, especially for startups. Here are a few great things about press releases that you can use […]

Aug 2023
One Piece of Solid Advice For Startup Companies

Startup Companies An interesting thing we’ve noticed in working with startup companies over the years is how often they are headed by entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives who are incredibly driven people. This is mostly a good thing, of course, but it can also create some important challenges. For example, a lot of the most […]

Aug 2023
One Common Startup Business Mistake You Don't Want to Make

Startup Business Mistake A little bit of research on the subject will tell you that there are literally dozens of reasons that as many new companies fail as they do succeed. In other words, there are lots of common – and often, avoidable – mistakes that entrepreneurs and business owners make that can sink their […]


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