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Sep 2023
One Way That Internet Marketing Campaigns are Changing

Internet Marketing Campaigns One thing that has always made Internet marketing particularly attractive to business owners and executives is that it isn’t just nearly instant. In terms of setup and execution, but also offers a very clear way to judge results. If sales increase (particularly by an amount larger than your Internet advertising budget), then […]

Sep 2023
Why do Business Websites Tend to Take Longer Than Expected?

Business Websites Business websites can frequently turn into a waiting game, for companies and creative teams alike. But, given the time and money that are on the line. And the enthusiasm that most new website projects generate – why do they sometimes take so long? Based on our experience in the business web design industry, […]

Sep 2023
The Right and Wrong Ways to Think About Website Redesign

Website Redesign It’s not hard to find advice on when to upgrade your business website, but every company, situation, and decision are different. For that reason, we find that it isn’t uncommon for people to have mistaken ideas about when they should look into new designs and Internet marketing packages. A website redesign might be […]

Sep 2023
Does Upgrading Your Business Website Have to be All or Nothing?

Upgrading Your Business Website Walk into some agencies and tell them that you’re thinking about upgrading your business website. And it will be just minutes before they are telling you about new layouts. Along with content management systems, hosting packages, and more. But, there are a number of reasons that you might not want to […]

Sep 2023
The Best Way to Judge Business Design Portfolios

Design Portfolios A lot of business owners and executives tend to look at business web design portfolios the same way they would a piece of art. Displayed in someone else’s home: as something they either like or don’t, even if they couldn’t say why. That’s understandable – websites are visual in nature – but if […]

Sep 2023
One Thing to Never Ignore About Business Web Design

About Business Web Design If you regularly read Internet marketing blogs like this one, you could easily get the impression that business web design is an overwhelmingly complicated topic. That’s fair, because in some ways it is. And yet, at the same time, there are some principles, ideas, and guidelines that are incredibly simple. More […]

Sep 2023
How Does Strong Branding Affect Your Bottom Line?

Strong Branding One of the things that make branding so hard for business owners and executives to understand. Is that it takes time, meaning that the trail from “building a brand” to “increasing profitability” isn’t always easy to see. But, rest assured that strong brands can actually translate into bigger profits. Create strong branding. Here […]

Sep 2023
Does Branding Matter to New Businesses?

Does Branding Matter Last month, we shared some insight about marketing for startups and new companies, pointing out that branding should be a consideration. In fact, we advised that entrepreneurs and startup executives think about branding early and often. But does branding matter and is that really good advice when sales are on the line, […]

Sep 2023
8 Reasons Marketing Budgets Matter

Determining a marketing budget involves considering various factors and making informed decisions based on your business goals and resources. Here are some steps to help determine why marketing budgets matter: 1. Set clear marketing goals: Firstly define what you want to achieve with your marketing efforts. It could be increasing brand awareness, generating leads, driving […]

Sep 2023
3 Common Branding Mistakes

Branding Mistakes Because marketing efficiency is as important as marketing effectiveness these days, more and more businesses are paying attention to the value of their branding. And yet, many make common mistakes that stop them from making as strong of an impact with customers as they would like. Branding mistakes matter. Here are three of […]


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