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Oct 2023
5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Website Safe and Sound

Keep Your Website Safe Do you regularly worry about the safety and security of your business website? If so, you definitely aren’t alone – with more and more cyber attacks becoming front-page news, companies of all sizes are being forced to pay more attention to their online security. Keep your website safe. But, while that’s […]

Oct 2023
The Biggest Two Problems With Website Templates

Website Templates Now that business web design has become a huge industry all on its own, a lot of different kinds of companies have gotten in on the act – including many that don’t offer custom web design at all. Website templates give business owners and managers a new way to get a site online […]

Oct 2023
One Way to Help Your Web Designer do Better Work

Your Web Designer When you meet with a business web designer or creative agency, you want their very best work. With time, money, and the future of your online marketing at stake, you can’t afford to get an “average” website, much less one that isn’t up to par. But, if you really want your designer’s […]

Oct 2023
Are Too Many Cooks Spoiling Your Business Website?

Your Business Website Because a business website can be a large investment. It’s natural that business owners and executives like to have lots of other people involved in the final decision. And, getting some outside input and perspective can be a great thing when you’re trying to ensure that your site will really “speak” to […]

Oct 2023
3 Ways to Handle Bitter Online Complaints

Online Complaints In a perfect world, customers would always say great things about your work and products. And all of those positive reviews (on your website, e-commerce portals, and social media). Would create a digital form of word-of-mouth advertising that would carry you from one profitable year to the next. The reality, though, is that […]

Oct 2023
One Marketing Detail Too Many Small Businesses Overlook

Many Small Businesses The goal of many small businesses – whether it’s online, off-line, or both. Is to increase sales and find new customers. That makes perfect sense, but it overlooks one important detail. There might be some customers you just don’t want. If your business is just getting off the ground, or struggling to […]

Oct 2023
Another Way to Make Underdog Strategies Work

Strategies Work In an earlier post, we looked at the way that up-and-coming companies can market themselves as underdogs. And can appeal to buyers’ sense of wanting to “help the small guy.” Today, we want to look at another aspect of underdog marketing strategies, which revolves around the fact that certain groups of people want […]

Sep 2023
Can You Appeal to Customers as an Underdog?

Appeal to Customers Most of our clients, if you were to boil their motivations down into something simple, just want to be the leaders in their markets or industries. They want to be the ones with the biggest clients, the biggest profits, and the most exciting sales or projects. Appeal to Customers But, what if […]

Sep 2023
4 Ways to Learn More About Your Customers

About Your Customers One piece of advice that we always pass along to clients and readers is to “know your customers better than anyone else.” But, beyond making a few vague judgments, how can you really learn about them? About your customers. Here are four of our favorite ways: 1. By studying web analytics. Granted, […]

Sep 2023
One Way That Internet Marketing Campaigns are Changing

Internet Marketing Campaigns One thing that has always made Internet marketing particularly attractive to business owners and executives is that it isn’t just nearly instant. In terms of setup and execution, but also offers a very clear way to judge results. If sales increase (particularly by an amount larger than your Internet advertising budget), then […]


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