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Oct 2023
3 Ways to Handle Bitter Online Complaints

3 Ways to Handle Bitter Online ComplaintsOnline Complaints

In a perfect world, customers would always say great things about your work and products. And all of those positive reviews (on your website, e-commerce portals, and social media). Would create a digital form of word-of-mouth advertising that would carry you from one profitable year to the next.

The reality, though, is that not all reviews are going to be positive. And in fact, some people aren’t just going to make complaints – they are going to complain very bitterly.

How can you handle those situations without damaging your marketing plan, especially if the complaints have been made public? Here are three things you can try:

1. Acknowledge the problem. Hiding from it won’t make it go away, so try to respond, both publicly and privately, in a quick and efficient manner.

2. If possible, “over-fix” the problem. In other words, if there was a screw-up on your end, go even farther than you think you should need to in order to make the customer happy.

3. The worse they get, the more reasonable you should become. If they continue to complain, or even make things personal, simply remain positive and reasonable.

An interesting thing starts to happen at this stage. Since most of us are familiar with being “ripped off” by a company, our natural instinct is usually to side with the customer. But, the more we see someone being unreasonable despite someone’s attempts to fix a problem or help them out, the easier it is to see them as a form of a minor lunatic and take the other side of the argument.

Bitter complaints don’t have to ruin your sales, at least not if you know how to handle them. Give these three tips a try, and call Marcy Design when it’s time for web design and online marketing assistance.

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