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Oct 2023
5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Website Safe and Sound

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Website Safe and SoundKeep Your Website Safe

Do you regularly worry about the safety and security of your business website? If so, you definitely aren’t alone – with more and more cyber attacks becoming front-page news, companies of all sizes are being forced to pay more attention to their online security. Keep your website safe.

But, while that’s obviously a big topic, we want to give you four quick and simple tips you can use to repel the most common types of online attacks and security problems:

1. Install regular security updates.

Most website hackers look for sites that haven’t been updated, so they can take advantage of older (and previously unknown) security holes.

2. Take advantage of a better hosting package.

Strong web hosting packages don’t cost much more, and include advanced security features, as well as automatic backups.

3. Change login info and passwords periodically.

It goes without saying that you should regularly change passwords, and use letter and character combinations that wouldn’t be easy to guess.

4. Use and review your own website each week.

Sometimes, the best way to protect your site is simply by viewing it the way customers would, looking around for irregularities.

5. Train your employees and limit access.

Make sure your employees know how to update your website safely, and don’t give complete web access to employees who don’t need it. Keep your website safe.

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