Sep 2013
Why The Sales Team Is So Important For Startup Marketing

Why The Sales Team Is So Important For Startup MarketingAs much as they might hate to admit it, nearly any successful entrepreneur you ever meet will tell you that they began their business with some faulty assumptions. That’s not to point fingers, it’s just a reality of the market – none of us have perfect information, and a lot of the things we think we know don’t turn out to be absolutely true.

In some cases, those assumptions are big enough (or wrong enough) to actually sink a company before it gets moving. In other cases, small tweaks and adjustments are needed along the way.

That’s why, for startup businesses, it’s important that the sales team (if there is one) have input on the company’s marketing. After all, those are the men and women who are dealing with potential customers on a daily basis, and the ones that the marketing pieces need to support. The smaller and newer a company is, the more likely sales professionals are to spot critical errors and opportunities before anyone else in the company would.

As a business owner or executive, it will certainly be up to you to make a lot of important decisions for your startup. But, if you’re looking for marketing help, turn to your sales team and get some extra support and perspective.

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