Oct 2013
Are Too Many Cooks Spoiling Your Business Website?

Are Too Many Cooks Spoiling Your Business WebsiteBecause a business website can be a large investment, it’s natural that business owners and executives like to have lots of other people involved in the final decision. And, getting some outside input and perspective can be a great thing when you’re trying to ensure that your site will really “speak” to customers.

As you bring more and more people into the project, though, remember that too many cooks can actually spoil your business website.

That’s because, as valuable as insight and perspective can be, opinions are always going to differ on something that involves artistic aspects. In other words, personal preferences dictate that everyone isn’t going to agree on the best layouts or ideas; and the more argument and disagreement you have, the muddier things are going to seem.

So, if you really want to streamline the process of building your site – and get better results as well – it’s a good idea to get lots of brief input, but keep the decision-making to a small group of people who see the big picture. Certainly, you’ll want to know what others think of your new business website, but don’t forget that it’s your decision.

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