Sep 2013
Does Branding Matter to New Businesses?

Does Branding Matter to New BusinessesLast month, we shared some insight about marketing for startups and new companies, pointing out that branding should be a consideration. In fact, we advised that entrepreneurs and startup executives think about branding early and often… but is that really good advice when sales are on the line, and generating short-term results might seem more important?

In our experience, branding isn’t just important to startups, it’s actually more important for them. That’s because, even though the initial attention might be solely on the bottom line, brand-new businesses don’t have any reputation to build upon. In other words, no one knows anything about them, and a solid branding effort doesn’t just pave the way for the right early impressions, but also for bigger sales and opportunities later.

This is another way of saying that you don’t just build a business, you build a name and reputation for all that you, as well as your products and services, stand for. Although your logo and design scheme, for example, might be a small part of that in the beginning, they become more and more important the longer you stay in business.

And so, it makes sense to think about branding from the outset because it’s going to matter a great deal later. Brands are built over time, but new companies need them just as much as established businesses do.

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