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Sep 2023
The Right and Wrong Ways to Think About Website Redesign

Website Redesign

It’s not hard to find advice on when to upgrade your business website, but every company, situation, and decision are different. For that reason, we find that it isn’t uncommon for people to have mistaken ideas about when they should look into new designs and Internet marketing packages. A website redesign might be the answer.

Here are a couple of tips to help you stay on the right track:

The wrong approach to web design is to study your calendar. In other words, you don’t want to opt for a new business website just because it’s been a couple of years. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t review parts of your site on a regular basis, but a working business website could be replaced more or less often than that, just depending on the industry, the competition, and the results it’s generating.

The right way to think about business website upgrades is by considering the possibilities.

When is the best time to look at a new site, or make changes to the one you already have? That’s easy – when you think that doing so can help you build a stronger, more profitable business. Things like apps, layouts, and a mobile presence should figure into things, but only after you’ve considered the bottom-line implications.

Lots of people will like to tell you that your site should be redesigned on a set schedule, but the reality is that business conditions should help guide your decision. A website redesign might be the answer.

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