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Sep 2023
The Best Way to Judge Business Design Portfolios

Design Portfolios

A lot of business owners and executives tend to look at business web design portfolios the same way they would a piece of art. Displayed in someone else’s home: as something they either like or don’t, even if they couldn’t say why. That’s understandable – websites are visual in nature – but if you want to hire the best creative team for your project, and get them to do top-quality work, you should probably consider things in a different way. Review design portfolios.

In fact, the best way for a business person to select business web design portfolios in case studies is by considering three things: the look, the customer comments, and the long-term Internet marketing results.

Improve Your Business

In other words, the aesthetics are still important, but so too are the feedback given by the former client and the degree of satisfaction (or profitability) that they gained from the project. You’ll want to pay attention to layouts and designs, to be sure, but not if it means sacrificing future bottom-line growth.

Those kinds of things are harder to spot in a web designer’s portfolio, but the outcome of your project is too important to not read between the lines. So, if you really want to do a good job of evaluating portfolios, remember what you have to look for. Review design portfolios.

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