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Sep 2023
Why do Business Websites Tend to Take Longer Than Expected?

Business Websites

Business websites can frequently turn into a waiting game, for companies and creative teams alike. But, given the time and money that are on the line. And the enthusiasm that most new website projects generate – why do they sometimes take so long?

Based on our experience in the business web design industry, here are a handful of the most common reasons:

There is no clear direction for a business web design project. If you don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish, then it can be very hard to make the right decisions about layouts, features, etc., going forward.

Lots and lots of people are involved. Feedback and constructive criticism can be great things, but only if there are clear decision-makers involved. If everyone on your team has different preferences and priorities, you can be sure your website will be slow to develop.

Feedback, content, and revisions are slow to arrive. Along the same lines, it’s important that one or two contacts keep things moving on the client end. Otherwise, you can find yourself waiting days and weeks at each stage, which slows the entire process down.

The wrong creative team has been chosen for the task. Let’s face it, some designers and programmers are more prompt than others. Choose the wrong creative agency, and waiting for things related to your new website could become part of your weekly routine.

The bottom line is this: If you want a great business website, and want to get it online in a timely manner, choose the right team to work with and then make a plan for success that streamlines the process.

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