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Sep 2023
Does Upgrading Your Business Website Have to be All or Nothing?

Upgrading Your Business Website

Walk into some agencies and tell them that you’re thinking about upgrading your business website. And it will be just minutes before they are telling you about new layouts. Along with content management systems, hosting packages, and more. But, there are a number of reasons that you might not want to go “all in” on a new web design project… so does upgrading your site have to be an all-or-nothing proposition? Upgrading your business website might be the answer.

We know from experience that it doesn’t. While there are times when it makes sense to build from scratch, here are three things you should always consider when meeting with creative agencies:

1. It usually makes sense to keep what already works.

If you have elements of your site that customers already love (like a logo, layout, or a piece of copywriting), make sure those are in any future versions.

2. Every client has budgets and other constraints that can be managed.

Sometimes, taking a small step forward is better than waiting for things to fall in line in the future. That can especially be the case if you can’t afford an entirely new web presence, but want to make some key upgrades. Upgrading your business website might be the answer.

3. All things being equal, build the site you will want in the future.

With those first two considerations in mind, you’ll almost always benefit from building the site you want for the future, not necessarily the one that’s going to cost you the least amount of time and money today.

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