Sep 2013
3 Common Branding Mistakes

3 Common Branding MistakesBecause marketing efficiency is as important as marketing effectiveness these days, more and more businesses are paying attention to the value of their branding. And yet, many make common mistakes that stop them from making as strong of an impact with customers as they would like.

Here are three of the more common branding mistakes we come across all the time:

1. Switching identity pieces and marketing messages too often. Brands are built over time, through lots of different pieces and exposures. If you constantly change from one tactic or idea to the next, it’s hard to get customers thinking about you in a consistent way.

2. Not thinking about branding at all. Some businesses float from one marketing campaign to the next, never paying any attention to what kind of brand they’re actually building. That might seem to make sense in the short term, but over time it limits your company’s potential.

3. Not recognizing the difference between interest and impressions. Just because someone notices your ad or idea doesn’t mean they’re responding to it. It’s important not to confuse short-term attention with real branding impact.

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