Sep 2013
One Way That Internet Marketing Campaigns are Changing

One Way That Internet Marketing Campaigns are ChangingOne thing that has always made Internet marketing particularly attractive to business owners and executives is that it isn’t just nearly instant, in terms of setup and execution, but also offers a very clear way to judge results: If sales increase (particularly by an amount larger than your Internet advertising budget), then it’s successful; if they don’t, then it isn’t.

That clarity is great for determining things like return on investment. But, things may be changing when it comes to how we measure success in online advertising.

That’s because closer tracking of customers and prospects, enhanced tools like Google Remarketing, and an overall shift towards long-term buyer value mean that creating sales now might not be your primary, or even best, Internet advertising goal. Instead, you may be searching for conversions that look more like newsletter subscribers, in-person consultations, or even social media followers.

All of that must surely change the way we structure Internet advertising campaigns. But, it could also mean more profitable horizons on the future, as we find ways to turn relatively inexpensive clicks into enduring long-term buyer relationships.

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