Jul 2013
How to Know You Have a Great Idea for a Mobile App

How to Know You Have a Great Idea for a Mobile AppAs profitable as mobile app development can be, it’s a sad fact that most apps have failed before they’re ever launched. Why? Because the inventors or developers failed to realize that the idea they had wasn’t innovative or marketable enough.

We want to see you avoid the same mistakes. Here are three ways you can tell you have a great idea for a mobile app:

1. Your concept is better than anything that’s currently available. A lot of great habits are built on existing ideas, but add more features, more convenience, or cleaner execution.

2. Your app represents a truly new and marketable idea. Sometimes, the next great app comes right out of the blue. Beware, though, that ideas that are both original and profitable are pretty rare in a crowded app market.

3. Your app takes an existing theme and applies it to a different target market. Sometimes, you can take an already existing app idea (assuming you own it) and apply it to a different market, profession, or demographic and find great success.

Whether you have an app idea that’s ready to go, or want to further refine your thoughts and get some ideas on moving forward, now is a great time to talk to a member of the Marcy Design team about mobile app development.

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