Jul 2013
One Web Design Detail No Business Should Ignore

One Web Design Detail No Business Should Ignore_auttrIt’s almost ironic that one of the most prominent design features on your business website is also one that business owners and executives – not to mention web designers themselves – frequently tend to overlook. What’s that important detail? Your photos.

A lot of business website images are simply sourced from the lowest-cost stock photography service, and then slapped on to match a color scheme. But, given that photos make such an instant and powerful impression, doesn’t it make sense to have some custom photo work done at the same time as your business website?

In particular, a good photographer can help you highlight three parts of your company:

1. Your products. Obviously, you want to put whatever it is you’re trying to sell in the very best possible light. Having a professional photographer work with your products is a good start.

2. Your staff. The friendlier and more professional your staff seems, the more others will want to contact you and do business with you. That’s where a good set of head shots can come into play.

3. Your facilities. The same applies here. Having professional photos of your location or facility builds credibility and makes you seem like a company others can feel comfortable working with.

Experienced web designers know that generic photos give you generic results. Why not talk to us today and see how we can help you get the right results from the images on your site?

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