Jul 2013
The Two Best Ways to Profit From Mobile Apps

The Two Best Ways to Profit From Mobile AppsNot only are mobile web devices changing the way we think about Internet marketing, but app development is big business, too – even for companies that don’t usually profit from “high tech” kinds of projects.

That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. After all, most of the millions of iPhone and tablet users have numerous apps on each device, and still can’t manage to find the ones they really want. Smart marketers recognize this, and know there are two big ways to profit from mobile apps:

First, you can try to put together a best-selling app. Granted, app stores are incredibly competitive, and it takes a lot of work to come up with an innovative idea and make it stand out. If you can, though, the rewards are huge.

Second, you can make your app an extension of your business or website. In other words, your app could link customers to their account information, show current prices and inventories, etc. Typically, these kinds of apps are free, but encourage people to buy more products and services from you.

Which of these app strategies is right for you? It could be either, or a combined approach. Why not call or email our team today to get a free consultation and find out?

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