Jul 2013
4 Great Ways to Use a Professional Employee Photo

4 Great Ways to Use a Professional Employee PhotoSuppose you have taken our advice from the previous post and decided to get professional photos for yourself and/or your employees as part of your new business web design. What can you do with them to make them a strong part of your marketing plan?

Here are four places professional employee photos can be a big help:

1. On your business website. People like to be able to see the faces of those they’re working with, or have been talking to on the phone. Adding professional photos of team members personalizes them and helps your customer service in the process.

2. In social media profiles. It would be difficult to have a social media profile without a personal photo, but you don’t want to settle for a snapshot taken from a smartphone.

3. On employee email signatures. If you want the emails your employees send to have more of a “one-on-one” feel, then adding photos to signature lines is a great way to build that effect.

4. In personalized thank-you cards. If you have employees or departments (like sales or customer service, for example) that regularly send out thank-you cards, adding photos makes for a great personal touch.

As important as professional photos can be to your marketing plan, too many businesses settle for stock images. Call us today to see how we can help add that extra something to your website and printed materials.

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