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Oct 2023
The Three Ways to Think About Pricing Mobile Apps

Pricing Mobile AppsPricing Mobile Apps

If you are a smart phone user, you might be mystified at the range of pricing for mobile apps. Many of which seem to do essentially the same thing. While some are available for a dollar or less, others can cost you a dozen times as much.

That leads to small decisions as a consumer. But bigger ones as a marketer and developer. How much should your app costs?

Here are three quick ways to think about pricing mobile apps:

1. Higher prices mean higher net fees. The more your app costs, the more you and your company make from each sale. So, charging more is a good way to put simple math on your side.

2. Lower prices can mean more sales. Charge a low enough price, and you might attract enough customers to end up with a higher overall profit. Of course, there is a tough balancing act to manage with this strategy. Since you don’t want to go too low and cost yourself money.

3. A gradual pricing strategy might work best. This basically means that most apps, regardless of their price, don’t make money right away. So, it might be preferable to build up a good record of sales and reviews before attempting a higher price down the road.

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