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Dec 2022
When Did You Last Give Your Business Website a "Smell Test?"

Your Business Website Here Have you ever walked up to your refrigerator in the middle of the night, spotted something you might enjoy putting into your stomach. And then wondered at the last moment whether it was still safe to eat or drink? Your business website is important. Your business website here. Most of us, […]

Dec 2022
Separating Truth From Details in Mobile Web Design

in Mobile Web Design When it comes to mobile business web design, there are a lot of different ideas floating around out there – some more helpful than others. In Mobile Web Design. But, while the details of this emerging technology are still changing on a month-to-month basis. The underlying truth isn’t: that your business […]

Nov 2022
A Big Misconception About Business Web Design Firms

Business Web Design Firms By now, most of the new clients we work with have dealt with a business web design firms in the past (and some clients have worked with several). Still, we find that there are a few misconceptions about the way we prefer to do business. In particular, many business owners and […]

Nov 2022
What's the Best Way to Get to Know Web Analytics?

Know Web Analytics As Columbus Ohio business web designers, getting to know web analytics – not just the numbers and statistics. But what they can tell you about your business – is just part of our work. We wouldn’t be able to help our clients without that knowledge. For many of them, however, looking through […]

Nov 2022
How Search Engine Rankings are Like College Football Polls

Search Engine Rankings As a Columbus, Ohio, business web design and Internet marketing team, we aren’t any strangers to the excitement that always surrounds college football. In fact, we know a number of people who spend their weekends working unpaid as armchair college football analysts. Devoting as much of their mental energy to the game […]

Nov 2022
The Easiest Way to Ruin Your Business Website

Ruin Your Business Website In our experience, business web design clients tend to obsess about the different parts and ingredients of their Internet marketing plans. At least during the planning and initial layout stages. Once the investment of time and money has been completed. However, many of those same clients make a common and predictable […]

Nov 2022
What Great Football Games Can Teach You About Online Marketing Ideas

The first thing to remember is that as a football fan there is nothing better than watching your team come back after being behind several scores. Look closely, and you can even find some online marketing ideas from their triumphs. What kind of takeaways could a business owner or manager pull from a group of athletes […]

Nov 2022
Is Your Business Website Plan Missing an Important Ingredient?

Business Website Plan Given that we get the chance to work on business websites and Internet marketing plans every day. We probably have a different perspective than most business owners and executives. Maybe that’s why we have noticed that a lot of business website plans are missing one important ingredient: a set of goals. Naturally, […]

Nov 2022
3 Quick Ways to Boost Sales in Your Online Store

Your Online Store As the holiday shopping season approaches, online retailers are looking for new ways to increase sales and get an edge over their competitors. Here are three quick ways you can generate more revenue from your e-commerce site in the next few months for your online store. 1. Offer price comparisons. One question […]

Oct 2022
Is There a Point to Your Business Blog?

Your Business Blog If you look around the business websites in most industries. You’ll notice two things fairly quickly. That most will have some sort of business blog, and that not all blogs are created equal. Your business blog is still important. In other words, for all the search engine optimization and online marketing benefits […]


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