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Nov 2022
What's the Best Way to Get to Know Web Analytics?

Know Web AnalyticsKnow Web Analytics

As Columbus Ohio business web designers, getting to know web analytics – not just the numbers and statistics. But what they can tell you about your business – is just part of our work. We wouldn’t be able to help our clients without that knowledge.

For many of them, however, looking through visitor statistics, time-on-page numbers, and other details can be confusing at best. And overwhelming at worst. If you find yourself in those shoes when looking at web analytics, don’t fret, because you certainly aren’t alone. Besides, the best way to get to know web analytics isn’t to try to decipher them all at once. But to start making a habit of studying them for around 10 minutes a day.

While that might not sound like much, it adds up to almost one hour per week, and several hours per month. If you split that time between reading guides that help you understand the key metrics, looking over the reports supplied to you by your analytics package. And just playing with the results, you’ll start to develop an understanding of the important ideas in no time.

Being familiar with web analytics is important to understanding what’s going on with your business website, and your business in general. Certainly, your online marketing and business web design team will help you find and interpret the relevant numbers, but it’s always a good idea to have a strong grasp on the most important facts and concepts for yourself.

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