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Aug 2023
Is it Time to Increase Your Marketing Budget?

Your Marketing Budget Your marketing budget, like marketing plans, are the subject of endless speculation. No matter who you ask, or what your situation is, you’re bound to hear that you should be spending more, spending less, or spending things differently. Today, we’ll take a quick look at that first question: Is it time to […]

Aug 2023
Want to Make Better Internet Marketing Decisions?

Better Internet Marketing Better Internet marketing isn’t quite as simple as people like to make it sound. But the biggest mistakes can often be lumped into one, easy-to-spot category. Making decisions for the short term instead of the long term. So, if you want to build a better strategy – and achieve the kinds of […]

Aug 2023
4 Reasons Internet Advertising Campaigns Fail

Internet Advertising Campaigns Internet advertising campaigns are a huge industry, and one that’s still growing by leaps and bounds. And yet, lots of new campaigns fail, never achieving a positive return on investment. How can it be that so many companies are misusing such an important tool? Here are four of the biggest mistakes business […]

Aug 2023
Are Your Employees Helping You With Marketing Ideas?

Marketing Ideas It’s natural for business owners and executives to assume that their online marketing ideas will be the result of brainstorming between themselves and their creative team. That’s mostly true, but you can usually do better by including your employees in a few parts of the process. That’s because they may interact with customers […]

Aug 2023
What You Should Know About Timing and Business Web Design

And Business Web Design Usually, when a business web design project is started, the client and creative team will agree on a fee and timeline, and everyone assumes things will go smoothly. But, in our experience, things don’t always go according to plan. And when that happens, there are two things you should remember about […]

Aug 2023
One Easy Way to Get More From Web Photography

Web Photography If you’ve been reading our blog lately, you already know that custom web photography can do great things for your Internet marketing plan. But, what you might not know is that there is an easy way to multiply the effect and get even bigger value from professional images: combine them with online video. […]

Jul 2023
Which Businesses Need Custom Web Photography the Most?

Custom Web Photography Earlier in the month, we highlighted some types of companies and people who should pay particular attention to custom web photography and web images. Here are three of the groups who need it most: 1. Online stores. No one wants to buy anything “sight unseen,” and having strong, high-resolution images can be […]

Jul 2023
Three Questions to Ask About Marketing Photography

Marketing Photography Recently, we’ve been reminding clients and readers about the importance of marketing photography for your website. And what a difference it can make on the overall impact of your Internet marketing. But, before you go rushing out to hire just any photographer, here are three questions you should probably ask before work begins: […]

Jul 2023
One Thing Every Marketer Should Know About Email Traffic

Email Traffic If you have an established Internet marketing plan in place, you probably pay a great deal of attention to the amount of traffic your business website receives. But, are all visitors the same, or are some more valuable (i.e., more likely to buy) than others? Through email traffic. If you believe the numbers, […]

Jul 2023
How the Best Email Marketers Stay Profitable in 2013

As we have pointed out recently, email marketing might not be the newest thing in 2013, but it is still one of the best, offering cost-effective marketing with big results. But, at a time when more and more customers are feeling overwhelmed by the number of messages they find in their inboxes, how do you […]


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