Aug 2013
Are Your Employees Helping You With Marketing Ideas?

Are Your Employees Helping You With Marketing IdeasIt’s natural for business owners and executives to assume that their online marketing plans will be the result of brainstorming between themselves and their creative team. That’s mostly true, but you can usually do better by including your employees in a few parts of the process.

That’s because they may interact with customers and potential customers more often on a day-to-day basis, or might interact with them in a different way, leading to new perspectives. And so, tapping into their thoughts can be a good way to open up new creative avenues.

To get a sense of what we mean, here are some questions you could put to your team in a quick meeting:

  • Is there anything in particular you have heard our customers asking for?
  • What are the most common compliments (or complaints) that you hear customers talking about?
  • Are there things that customers love about our competitors that we offer?
  • Is there anything you’ve noticed that we could give our customers in the future that we don’t offer now?

Of course, the final decisions will still be yours, and not every idea or concept that comes from your employees might be usable (since they often don’t see enough of the strategies themselves to understand the goals of your campaigns). Still, by getting their input, you might find an easy way to open up new marketing messages and campaigns.

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