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Jul 2023
One Thing Every Marketer Should Know About Email Traffic

Email Traffic

If you have an established Internet marketing plan in place, you probably pay a great deal of attention to the amount of traffic your business website receives. But, are all visitors the same, or are some more valuable (i.e., more likely to buy) than others? Through email traffic.

If you believe the numbers, then all Internet traffic isn’t the same – in fact, according to a recent study,  potential customers who come to you through your email newsletter are several times more likely to buy from you than social contacts are.

Why might this be the case? There are a lot of reasons, but two stand out:

First, that people on social media sites tend to be looking for friends, photos, and other items that fall into the “entertainment” category, not necessarily products or services.

And second, your email newsletter list should be stocked with customers and prospects who represent a good match for what you sell. Nurturing those leads is almost always going to offer a higher probability of success.

Social media is still new, fun, and exciting when compared to email, but that doesn’t necessarily make it more effective. To give your bottom line the biggest boost, tried to make the most of every Internet marketing technique, but put a special emphasis on your email newsletter.

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