Aug 2013
4 Reasons Internet Advertising Campaigns Fail

4 Reasons Internet Advertising Campaigns FailInternet advertising is a huge industry, and one that’s still growing by leaps and bounds. And yet, lots of new campaigns fail, never achieving a positive return on investment.

How can it be that so many companies are misusing such an important tool? Here are four of the biggest mistakes business owners and executives make:

1. They use Internet advertising campaigns with the wrong focus. It’s important to have the right message, and the right target audience, whether you’re advertising online or off.

2. The execution of the campaign isn’t strong enough. Even if you have a great concept, if your messaging isn’t strong (or you choose the wrong websites to advertise on), things aren’t going to go your way.

3. They never adjust any of the campaign variables. The beauty of Internet advertising is that you can always adjust messages, budgets, etc. The companies that can adapt and adjust end up with the biggest profits.

4. They don’t give the campaigns enough time to work. Internet advertising results can be quick, but they aren’t always instantaneous. So, you may have to have a little bit of patience to let things develop.

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