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May 2022
The Lesson From Boomerang Apps

Boomerang Apps Last week, smart phone industry observers noted that a new app – one called “Boomerang,” that helps users to sort out, schedule, and even re-send e-mails to themselves – had topped 1 million downloads. Although this was only a quick side note in the busy world of mobile computing. It’s a piece of […]

May 2022
What's the Perfect Length for an SEO Article?

SEO Article This is a common question, and there are more than a few ways to answer it. Conventional wisdom – based on observing the sites that seem to rank well in Google and the other major search engine. Says that anything between 200 and 500 words is likely search-friendly. It helps if you have […]

May 2021
As the Smartphone Market Grows Think Small for Website Design

Growing Smartphone Market Worldwide the smartphone market has grown 79.7% since 2010. And nearly 100 million phone have shipped in the first quarter of 2011 according to IDC Worldwide reports. The Apple iPhone growth is strong while the Android phones are gaining speed. Now is a good time to make sure that your business website […]

May 2020
Why This Might Be the Perfect Time to Redesign Your Association Website

As the business landscape has changed over the last few weeks. The associations we work with have responded by being proactive in looking for new information and solutions. Your association website can benefit as well. Naturally, we always think it’s smarter to be ahead of the curve than falling behind. That’s why, after consulting with […]

Mar 2020
Marcy Design – Developing Ecommerce Websites for Your Business

All websites should sell, that’s a given. But websites that can actually make cold hard cash for you while you’re sleeping are a different breed. One that get us very excited. We specialize in developing ecommerce websites for a wide range of different industries. Marcy Design releases new TV commercial to promote business Ecommerce services […]

Jul 2019
The Other Side of Content Marketing

Talk to the average business owner or executive about content marketing. And they’ll tell you it essentially boils down to writing articles for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. That’s certainly a big reason to come up with content marketing, but it’s far from the only one. In fact, we would argue that there is a […]

Jun 2019
Do You Need a Mobile Responsive Website?

Mobile Responsive Website Whenever we meet with business owners to talk about the status of their online marketing campaigns. One of the first questions we ask is: do you have a mobile responsive website? The answer tells us a lot about how good the business owner or executive in question has been about keeping up […]

Apr 2019
Is Your Web Site Mobile-Ready?

Mobile-Ready Website This morning, I was watching an old James Bond movie titled: ‘View to a Kill”. And I couldn’t remember the name of the actor who played the villain. Out comes my trusty iPhone and with one click to the Internet browser, I found the answer; Christopher Walken. He’s also the actor who did […]

Mar 2018
Marcy Design – Website Design Services Overview

What website design services do you need for your business? See our video that shows the steps in developing a successful website. Marcy Design is an experienced team of creative professionals. We are experts in web, marketing and advertising campaign development. Marcy Design Provides Marketing, Advertising & Website Design in Columbus, Ohio The first thing […]

Oct 2016
3 Key Points About Negative SEO

Just the Facts It’s often said that things on the Internet tend to come “out of nowhere,” even though it’s not always the case for SEO. However, very few people – even those who consider themselves to be experts in search engine optimization. Could have predicted that negative SEO would be a topic we’d be […]


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