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Apr 2019
Is Your Web Site Mobile-Ready?

Mobile-Ready Website

This morning, I was watching an old James Bond movie titled: ‘View to a Kill”. And I couldn’t remember the name of the actor who played the villain. Out comes my trusty iPhone and with one click to the Internet browser, I found the answer; Christopher Walken. He’s also the actor who did the hilarious dance on SNL years ago. A little while later my family and I were trying to decide which church to attend and what time the Masses were. Again, within seconds I knew the Mass schedule for 4 churches thanks to the availability of a Mobile-Ready Website.

I could go on about how I find Indian restaurants for lunch during the week, check email, Twitter, and do literally hundreds of Internet searches from my iPhone. Cell phones have come a long way from just talking and text messaging. In fact, 17% of all Internet browsing in the U.S. is accomplished through cell phones. Knowing that, I made sure that our blog (for Marcy Design) is mobile-ready. Our Web site now detects if a browser is coming from a computer or a cell phone and displays the appropriate screen.

Does your target audience use their phone to find products and services? It might be time to see how the mobile world views your business.

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