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Jul 2019
The Other Side of Content Marketing

Talk to the average business owner or executive about content marketing. And they’ll tell you it essentially boils down to writing articles for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. That’s certainly a big reason to come up with content marketing, but it’s far from the only one. In fact, we would argue that there is a bigger side to content marketing that’s even more important. That’s because the more content you produce. The better chance you have to tell your story to the world. That can be a great thing from a marketing perspective. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why.

Great Content Marketing Translates to Strong Credibility

The big problem with the content-is-SEO, is that it turns writing and video into a commodity. The thinking is that more content is good. So businesses should be producing lots of it, even if the quality isn’t up to par. Marcy Design can help. That’s exactly the wrong way to think about putting your ideas into the world. Shakespeare isn’t known as one of the greatest of all time because he wrote hundreds and hundreds of plays. He just produced timeless work that still resonates with people today through content marketing. That’s an extreme comparison, but there is an important point to be made here. When you produce lots of great content. Insightful pieces with informative viewpoints – you build up your own credibility in the minds of customers. They start to see you as an expert and an authority in your field. That’s far more valuable than any search engine position ever could be.

You Can Use Content to Improve Your Knowledge

It isn’t only searchers and customers who benefit when you produce content marketing that’s clear, relevant, and unique. It also improves your own understanding of your field and industry. You actually get smarter, more creative, and more innovative as you go. This isn’t a new idea, but it’s one that’s easy to forget. Back when you were in school, teachers or professors made you write papers. Because they knew you would be forced to research topics, revisit your thinking, and even edit your ideas if you wanted to get a good grade. The activity of writing forced you to think critically about the subject at hand. The same thing happens when you regularly produce content for your website or industry publications. You might be focused on content marketing as an overall goal. But you’re also getting sharper in your profession with every sentence you put together.

Developing Content Sharpens Your POV

You’ll notice that the most prolific content producers tend to be very persuasive with customers. Part of this has to do with a dynamic we’ve already mentioned. That simply writing lots of content marketing makes you an expert in the eyes of many buyers. However, there is also something much more basic at work. The more you write, research, and outline ideas. The better you get at figuring out what your personal philosophy or viewpoint looks like. Impressions that were once were vague become more concrete because you’re explaining them to other people. You aren’t just absorbing knowledge, you’re figuring out how it fits in with what you know. And believe, and how it affects your market or industry. When companies have sales messages that feel generic and unfocused. It’s usually because they are spitting out content for the sake of attracting visits or using keywords. When they are more careful about cultivating a specific point of view, though, they separate themselves from the pack and start to develop more loyal fans.

You Can Use Content Marketing to Build Your Brand or Tell a Story

No two businesses are the same. For that matter, neither are any two individuals. It only makes sense, then, that they should be explaining themselves to customers. And the world at large, in different ways. By making the most of content marketing, you allow buyers, colleagues, and even future employees to get to know you. That doesn’t mean your content has to be personal. Just that you can show off the parts of your history or resume that are impressive or will resonate with certain audiences. On a large scale, you could think of this as branding. However, for the business owner or executive who needs to write posts and record videos, you could simply think of it as telling your own story. Whatever your background and perspective, it’s going to be a lot easier to win customers if people know and like you. Why not make the most of this aspect of content marketing?

The Right Content Can Generate Inbound Leads

Usually, when someone approaches us for web design and search engine optimization. It’s because they want visitors to come to their website, be impressed, and buy something or make an appointment. That leads them to start thinking about keywords, conversion points, and other details. You should remember, though, that a great piece of content marketing can actually help you to generate leads all on its own. When your ideas are strong enough, and clearly expressed. They can strike a chord with customers who have a need for your product, service, or expertise. Inspiringsomeone who has read your thoughts to send an email or pick up the phone. They may decide you have the answers to the challenges they’re facing. We know, because it happens to us all the time. The more content you produce, and the more care you put into your words and messages. The more likely it is you’ll start getting sales inquiries out of the blue. Once that starts happening, the search engine optimization benefits are just a nice added perk.

Want Web Design and Online Marketing That Actually Work?

Too many companies opt for web design out of a sense of obligation. They know they have to do something on the internet, but aren’t sure the strategies and tactics they are using will ever pay off. If you have found yourself in that situation. Now is the time to start getting better advice that’s customized for your business, organization, or situation. Contact the Columbus-based team at Marcy Design today and let us put our experience and creativity to work for you.

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