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Oct 2012
Marcy Design Develops a New Website for Advanced Construction

Advanced Construction Advanced Construction, a leader in property restoration, hired Marcy Design to develop a new website to promote their nation-wide business. The Advanced Construction Website, produced with exciting features, including an interactive directory. The website design is contemporary, linked to social media such as Facebook and the administration of the website is handled by […]

Aug 2012
Can a Business Website Succeed Without SEO?

Succeed Without SEO It’s taken almost as a scientific law that the first step towards building a successful business website. Has to be putting a strong search engine optimization plan into place. That’s almost always good advice. But what if you work in a highly competitive field, or have some other reason for not wanting […]

Aug 2012
Ohio Association of Realtors Convention Website Developed by Marcy Design

Ohio Association of Realtors The Ohio Association of Realtors hired Marcy Design to develop a new website for their upcoming Annual Convention Expo. Nikki Gasbarro, Website Administrator, stated. “Marcy Design is the best and I look forward to working with you in the future!” The OAR Convention Website, produced in under two weeks. Includes the […]

Jun 2012
Marcy Design Wins 3 National Awards from Hermes Creative

National Awards from Hermes Creative Marcy Design recently won three national awards. Two Platinum Awards and one Gold Award, from Hermes Creative Awards for excellence in website design. The Platinum Awards are the highest awards given. The winning websites were: Columbus Garage and Floor Coating Website – Platinum Award. The Columbus Athenaeum Website – Platinum Award […]

Mar 2012
Major Award for Columbus Athenaeum Website Design

The Columbus Athenaeum The Columbus Athenaeum, located in Columbus, Ohio, recently won a major website design award from MarCom Awards. The Marcom Awards is an international competition that honors excellence in marketing and communication. The Columbus Athenaeum Website won the Platinum Award, which is the highest honor given by MarCom. Marcy Design designed, produced and […]

Jan 2011
Building a New Website With Online Marketing Plan

A New Website We’ve noticed something slightly shocking over the past few years. That a new website can be a complete waste of time and money. Now, that’s probably not what you expected to read in this space. More likely, you thought we were going to tell you how, since it can potentially attract hundreds […]

Jan 2011
Get the Most Out of Great Social Network Marketing

In a way, the growth of great social networking is a bit like the latest “gold rush” for online marketers. A new way of reaching hundreds of millions of potential customers. Just like search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and e-mail newsletters were in the past. But even though sites like Facebook and LinkedIn can be […]

Dec 2010
What Makes Your Social Media Marketing Plan Special?

If you watch a lot of sports, you’ll notice something interesting. The very best athletes and performers in any field or event are always statistically superior to their counterparts. But it’s rarely just the numbers that separate them. In other words, they have certain intangible qualities that set them apart. The percentages just help explain […]

Apr 2009
Dilbert Turns 20 Years Old

Dilbert Comic Strip An iconic comic strip has turned 20 years old. Dilbert, created by Scott Adams, was born on April 16th, 1989. Dilbert appears in 2000 papers in 65 countries and 25 languages. Currently, a book is available titled: Twenty Years of Dilbert (also on DVD). And according to Fast Company, Scott Adams has […]

May 2008
YKM Creative Baggage

YKM Creative Baggage YKM, one of Turkey’s largest department store has created a very eye-catching shopping bag. The most interesting feature is the handle which represents a jump-rope. The concept works whether someone is carrying the bag or setting it on the ground. Why not let your shoppers help advertise your business? YKM creative baggage. […]


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