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Aug 2012
Can a Business Website Succeed Without SEO?

Succeed Without SEOSucceed Without SEO

It’s taken almost as a scientific law that the first step towards building a successful business website. Has to be putting a strong search engine optimization plan into place. That’s almost always good advice. But what if you work in a highly competitive field, or have some other reason for not wanting to rely on Google for a while? Can you succeed without SEO?

Can a business website succeed without search engine optimization?

The short answer is “absolutely.” While it’s good for most companies to have reliable search engine traffic. By using tools like branding, e-mail newsletters, and even a strong reputation amongst buyers. You can pull visitors directly to your site without visiting search engines first.

In fact, even if you do make search engine optimization a big part of your online marketing strategy (as most companies do). It might not be a bad idea to pretend it doesn’t exist once in a while. Not only will you sharpen your skills when it comes to attracting customers with other means. But you’ll also be less vulnerable to SEO-optimized competitors or future search algorithm changes.

While most businesses wouldn’t want to succeed entirely without search engine optimization. You certainly can, and it’s not a bad idea to experiment with it from time to time.

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