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Oct 2012
What the End of Newsweek in Print Means for Marketers

Print Means for MarketersPrint Means for Marketers

Recently, Newsweek announced that the December 31, 2012, issue of the magazine would be its final print version. After that, it will only be available online and in digital formats. What print means for marketers

In a sense, this can’t be very surprising – print newspapers around the country have been doing the same thing for years. Still, the end of Newsweek in print marks the latest point in a quickly accelerating trend that has some marketers excited. And others feeling a little apprehensive.

No matter which group you fall into, here are a couple of conclusions you can draw from Newsweek’s digital shift:

First, that it’s definitely time to look into newer forms of digital advertising. If you currently rely on printed ads to bring new customers to your business. Then now is the perfect time to start exploring other options. Even if you aren’t relying on publications like Newsweek. It’s good to have a backup strategy.

Secondly, that you don’t have to abandon what works. Going digital isn’t the same as going away. A lot of publications are taking their articles online. And bringing their readers with them. So, if the publications you currently advertise in are moving to the Internet. Think about giving them (and other related sites) a try. You might just find that you can get even more efficient results by following them.

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