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Oct 2022
Are You Missing the E-book Explosion?

E-book ExplosionE-book Explosion

After decades of predictions and false starts, the e-book explosion is finally taking off and reaching critical mass. This year alone, tens of millions of people will invest in iPads, Kindles, and other tablet-style readers. Making e-books the new norm and pushing printed works further down in market share.

Ironically, even as consumers buy more and more e-book readers. A lot of companies are missing out on the explosion that this trend represents.

We aren’t talking necessarily about buying more e-books – most of us are either doing that already, or will be soon. But the opportunities that exist on the publishing side of the market. That’s because major retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble are making it faster, easier. And cheaper than ever to take your existing reports, white papers. And other written material and make it available through their stores.

To be fair, your company might not make a lot of money on royalties for publishing existing reports and papers. But that shouldn’t be your true goal. Instead, you should be using every means at your disposal. And especially e-book publishing – to enhance your credibility and place in the market.

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