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Oct 2022
3 Things Customers Never Tell You About Your Website

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When it comes to most online marketing variables. Few things are as valuable as direct feedback from current buyers about your website. That’s a nice way of saying that if you really want the truth, get it “straight from the horse’s mouth.”

Occasionally, however, we work with small, established businesses who have close relationships with their customers. Although that’s a great thing, it can actually lead to problems in evaluating their current plan and marketing materials. Since many clients won’t ever speak up and give you bad news.

For a quick idea of what we mean, here are three things customers rarely ever tell you about your business website:

1. That it doesn’t look very good. Few good customers will ever come right out and criticize your business website. Even if it’s obvious that you need a redesign.

2. That it has embarrassing mistakes. In the same way, most buyers won’t tell you that you have grammatical errors, missing pages, etc. Because they don’t want to embarrass you.

3. That it’s hard to find. Since existing customers know your web address. Or have it bookmarked, they aren’t able to tell you that it’s hard to find from search engines and social profiles.

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