Aug 2012
3 Online Branding Lessons From Politicians

Regardless of what you think of politicians, most of us would have to agree that they are master marketers. How many other professionals would be able to have so many unhappy customers and stay in business, much less raise money year after year?

A lot of what they do (at least from a marketing standpoint) can be boiled down to good old-fashioned “branding.” And so, with election season just around the corner, let’s look at three things we can learn about online branding from politicians:

1. Your image (or your company’s image) is very important. Although news about your company, products, and prices can change quickly, opinions tend to move more slowly. Cultivate the right kind of image from the start, and people will tend to think more favorably about you later.

2. Some fans and customers are more loyal than others. Just as there are “political junkies” and “casual voters,” your company will have customers who write testimonials and give recommendations and others who don’t. Learn to spot the difference and spend more of your time and money cultivating the most important relationships.

3. It’s almost always better to stay ahead of bad news. When people are going to hear something bad about your company, it’s important that they hear it from you first. Otherwise, you’ll always be trying to catch up to the bad news, rather than giving your viewpoint.

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